Building a custom app for your business
Building a custom app for your business

In today’s marketplace, we’ve all become dependent on technology to power our business.

And with so many companies offering the latest and greatest in solutions that promise to improve efficiencies, streamline and automate processes and ultimately drive revenue, selecting the right solution for your particular business needs can be very daunting.

This has left many start-ups and small businesses heading straight to ready built, off-the shelf apps. While these apps may get the job done, they are typically more general in their features and application to appeal to a larger customer base.

This often means that there are many features…

What is an API and why should you care? APIs are the means by which your FileMaker solution can access all kinds of services and interface with other data stores. When you get a little understanding of this, the world of systems integration really opens up for you.

API stands for Application Program Interface. It is the interface by which an application accesses a service. It essentially provides an interpreter service translating requests into language the service can understand and returns the results requested. …

FileMaker scripts can be called in various ways — user clicks a button, event triggers a script, script calls another script, etc. Most times when a script is called, the developer can provide a script parameter to pass to the script. This parameter may be retrieved at any time during the course of the script using Get ( ScriptParameter ).

Naming a parameter

Many times, a script parameter is used to control which part of a script will run. For example, a single script may handle all parts of a process such as open, save and cancel. …


David Head has been improving processes and efficiency in small and medium businesses for over 25 years.

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